Wedding Ceremony in The Fitzroy Gardens

Located in the heart of Melbourne, The Fitzroy Gardens have many options for your wedding ceremony and we love working there. Go for a walk in the gardens on most Saturday afternoons and you will be sure to witness a couple tying the knot in front of their family and friends.

As part of our ceremony package, we will meet with you at your preferred location in the gardens and go over all the details of your special day. The gardens are our best office location!

When you make a garden booking, you receive a permit from the City of Melbourne that allows us to set up your wedding ceremony in your chosen location. Ceremony inclusions usually include chairs, an arbour, signing table and other decor items, such as aisle markers, vases and adornment for the arbour. We do have packages and they can all be customised to your needs, meaning they can be as simple or as elaborate as your pinterest board. A welcome sign and easel, will help identify your ceremony location for your guests.

If you will be spending some time having your photos taken after the ceremony, you may want to book a "Pop up Bar" for your guests to enjoy during that period. The Fitzroy Gardens allow you to have alcohol and drinks served at your wedding ceremony, as long as you don't sell it. Our "Pop up Bar" options include, accepting your drinks the week prior to your wedding and ensuring they are on ice and cold for your guests. We set up a bar with glasses and ice buckets, display the drinks and arrange suitable disposal of glass and cans afterwards. Your bar can be self serve or we can arrange staff for you, depending on the number of guests you are expecting. Please note, some food / snacks must also be available for your guests when serving alcohol.

Wedding cars cannot drive through the gardens, so expect to walk to your ceremony from Clarendon St, Wellington Pde, Lansdowne St or Albert St. On a lovely day, this is a special thing to do with your bridal party and expect to be congratulated along the way, by the general public out enjoying the gardens.

There aren't too many wet weather options in the gardens and marquees are not allowed, so be sure to have another option available, should the skies open up. Reception venues, quite often have an area, where we can set up the ceremony for you as a last resort.

You can book your preferred lawn location, directly with the City of Melbourne by using the link below. Costs, payments and application forms and FAQs are all listed and easy to follow.







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