We had to go with our wet weather alternate venue for the ceremony last minute. Tahlia and the team managed to pull off a wonderful setting with little notice.  Guests couldn't believe this was our Plan B!  Fi & Mark

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Nobody wants to go with their Plan B on their wedding day, but a well thought out plan, with provision for what to do in the case of rain, extreme heat or other unforeseen circumstances, can make the difference for you and your guests enjoying yourselves.  We haven't needed to put Plan B into action too many times, but on the occasions where we have done so, our happy couples have remained happy.

So what is a Plan B?

If you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony in the gardens or at a private residence, your Plan B, needs to include an alternative dry space.  It may be part of your reception venue, a structure within the gardens themselves, or if you are on private property, it may involve some pop-up marquees.  If extreme heat is the culprit, more shade may need to be provided and additional refreshments to keep everyone well hydrated.

We will work through the options with you and come up with a plan to determine at what point the Plan B needs to be put into place and to ensure you are going to be just as happy with your alternative as the original plan.

What happens when Plan B becomes The Plan for the day.

At the agreed time and in consultation with you, our team jumps into action, notifying those that need to be notified, which may include your guests and we proceed to set up the alternative location.

Read the feedback we received from Fi and Mark about their wedding day and Plan B.  Their guests loved the alternative arrangement and Fi and Mark had a wonderful day.

Always, always, have a Plan B.