What's Included?

- Pre-wedding briefing.

- Run sheet preparation and co-ordination / distribution with vendors.

- Minimum 4 hours onsite co-ordination, up to 8 hours as required.

What does it cost?

- Pricing starts at $800.

- Our first consultation is FREE.

- Your co-ordination package is custom designed and priced according    to your needs and budget.

True or False?

Chances are, you are wanting to do a lot of the planning for your wedding yourself.  You have so many ideas and you even know some of the vendors you want to engage for your special day.

You possibly have some friends and family you can call on to look after certain aspects of the day.


So why would you need a co-ordinator for the day?


To be the trusted person that knows, who has been given each task, how and when the task is meant to be performed and what to do if there is a hiccup.  It's your personal assistant for the day, one who won't be upset to miss out being in "the photo", while they are running around ensuring everything goes smoothly, for you and your partner.


You're having your ceremony and celebration at home or at a friend's property, surely a co-ordinator isn't necessary?



This is exactly when you need a co-ordinator the most.  Away from a venue with staff, and family and friends are enjoying themselves, having that one point of contact can make a huge difference in ensuring your day unfolds just like you and your partner have planned.