White Trestle Drinks Table
Set up with soft drink dispensers, timber display boxes, metal drink buckets, glasses and small blackboard.
Wine Barrel Bar
Two barrels and this one features a vintage white door for the top. Set up with timber display boxes and trays, soft drink / water dispensers, metal drinks bucket, market umbrella, vase, glasses and small blackboard.
Pims / Drink Swing
Fun drinks display on a timber swing and natural rope. Our chandelier is suspended from the branch above. The swing is set with glasses, carafes, glass dish for garnishes and white framed custom signage.
White Panel Bar
Our white panel bar has some room at the rear to store extra drinks. Shown here with timber display boxes, water dispenser, water glasses and flutes, metal champagne bucket and metal drinks buckets.
White Trestle Drinks Table
Set up with large champagne bucket, glasses and custom white frame. Timber display boxes and metal drinks buckets.
Champagne Buckets
Holds 3-6 bottles on ice.
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